Crimsafe Hinged Doors

Keep your family safe inside. Keep unwanted visitors outside.

The main entry point to many homes is large, hinged doors that look solid to most people. But to a burglar, they can look like an easy way in.
An ordinary security screen door won’t stop a professional burglar. That’s why Crimsafe designed their Hinged Security Screen Doors with a range of unique features to provide the level of protection that will. With secure hinges on one door jamb and a secure three-point locking mechanism on the other, Crimsafe creates an exceptionally strong barrier to keep unwanted guests out.

Made-to-measure, custom fit for your doorway
No two Crimsafe doors are the same. Every Crimsafe door is unique and custom-made to fit your home perfectly.

Designed to Outperform
Independent testing shows that Crimsafe hinged doors have been designed to consistently outperform competitor screens.

Natural light and airflow
Feel confident about leaving your doors open and take advantage fresh air, cool breezes, and natural light.

Unhindered views
Tensile-Tuff® mesh provides unrestricted views and the ultimate security for any hinged doorway in your home.

Technical Info

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