Motorized Screens

Balconies, Porches, Verandas...

Make your home or business an oasis with Brannan Aluminum Roll Down Screens, so you can enjoy the feel of the outdoors without those pesky insects or the glaring sun. Simply engage the retractable screen with the touch of a button or the turn of a crank (Manual Roll System), and retract it just as easily. Both the powered motor and the new manual retraction system smoothly and silently roll the screen away when not in use - leaving only the beauty of your view. So stylish, it blends in with the decor of even the finest homes. So versatile, it fits most standard and oversized applications. So functional, it can supply enhanced privacy, shelter from the sun and insect intruders - all while providing adequate ventilation. Imagine the possibilities!

Screening and Shading Options

Brannan Aluminum Motorized Screens come in a variety of shading options to meet your needs. Most of the screen and shade options are available in a variety of colors to enhance the unique features of any home.
Choose from the following screen or shade materials:

  • No-see-ums Tuff Screen: Offers protection against even small insects, and reduces up to 55% of incoming UV rays. Recommended for large openings. Pet (tear/puncture) resistant.
  • Solar Insect Screen: Solar Insect Screen offers the ultimate in insect protection, while stopping up to 65% of the sun’s heat and glare. This fabric also improves daytime privacy, while offering excellent outward visibility. Very tight mesh-weave of 20x30!
  • Solar Screen: This mesh blocks out the sun's heat and glare by up to 75% while keeping insects out.
  • Suntex/Super Solar Screen: This mesh option offers substantial shading, even reducing the fading of sun-exposed furniture and fabrics inside by blocking up to 90% of the suns harmful UV rays. Pet resistant, and resistant to to fading of the screen itself due to UV exposure. Protects against even small insects.
  • Privacy Screen: Provides up to 95% blockage of UV rays. Ideal for home theater rooms. Pet Resistant, mildew and fade resistant. Protects against even small insects.
  • Also available with sun and wind sensors or timers.


Brannan Aluminum Motorized Screens are designed to be stylish, versatile and functional. Our high quality standards and professional service ensure a lifetime of worry-free operation.

  • Provides protection from insects and UV rays
  • Allows complete ventilation
  • Fits most oversized applications
  • Supplies enhanced privacy
  • Includes a pet resistant screen option
  • Includes a power feature with optional wall-control or remote-control
  • Offers an optional manual retraction system
  • Ensures years of trouble-free operation
  • Delivers superior quality, thanks to in-house assembly and home/job-site installation by experienced professionals
  • Guarantees additional peace of mind with a 10-year Limited Lifetime Warranty