R-SHADE™ Insulated Roof

Fixed Roof Pergola

Extend your living space while staying cool and dry under a solid roof pergola.

R-SHADE™ insulated panels help keep the temperature down and integrated gutters allow to wash the water away. 

Strength And Shade

The R-SHADE™ durable frame and roof will keep it looking good for years with minimal maintenance requirements.

High-Quality Insulation

2.36” thick roof panels are designed to stand up to the harsh sun without fading over time and torrential rains without oxidation.

Full-Time Shade

Delivers the utmost protection from sun and rain and provides the perfect setting for hosting dinner parties, enjoying an afternoon cocktail or unwinding with loved ones.

Watertight Insulated Roof

Designed to channel water into a hidden internal gutter system that drains it away and keeps the living area dry.

Superior Design

R-SHADE™ solid roof imparts style to any patio with its luxury appearance and brings an instant upgrade to any deck or terrace.

Clean Lines and Elegance

Invisible hardware and a smartly-designed gutter system makes water evacuation flows directly into each post.

Optimized For Shade

We’ll custom engineering a design, whether you want it mounted to your building or built as a standalone unit. You can add a fan or LED lighting underneath, screens on the sides and even solar panels on top of your pergola to produce your own green energy.

And like all our products, it’s built for the elements — so you can rest easy.

Personalize with a wealth of options


Designed to withstand Florida’s climate, so it will stand strong in any kind of weather.

Can be outfitted with solar panels to power embedded accessories.

Insulated roof designed to keep the patio cool throughout the day by deflecting sun rays.

The elegant, streamlined design makes it a perfect addition to any home.

INSULATED FIXED PANELS to regulate the temperature

FULLY EXTRUDED INTEGRATED GUTTERS keep you dry and keep drainage out of sight

CONCEALED HARDWARE provides the finish you deserve


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